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Slashing towards a better tomorrow
7th-Feb-2008 11:29 am

As much as this makes me wince, I AM finally making rather strict cuts on my friend list.

These cuts are not because I don't like you or something was done wrong on your part. It is simply because we haven't talked lately/ever or I have never known who you are or something quite similar or I don't even know who the hell this username belongs to ><.

As said before, this journal will be private and all possible fic entries will be left unlocked and viewable to the public. THEREFORE if you are only here for the fic..ONCE AGAIN I repeat myself in saying you don't have to friend me or this journal to get a hold of it.

Here is a list of the people that I have/am going to cut. If you still want to be a friend, want me to add you back/remind me that we've had some wonderful times, please comment on this entry.

So....comment if you care ^^


So....comment if you care ^^
7th-Feb-2008 06:27 pm (UTC)
hi! just to let you know that i do care, but it won't make any difference to you not to have me on ur f-list ^_^ as i've not written anything in here since 2006!! i actually explained in my vox account that i hate keeping journals and blogs, but i keep these so that i can comment and thank the many many ppl who contribute so much to the fandoms.

anyway, should you choose to cut me, i just wanna let you know that i love your writing, and will continue to keep looking out for your fics :D
so thank you for all that u've written so far, and i look forward to more fics from you <33333
7th-Feb-2008 08:43 pm (UTC)
Aww..thank you sweetheart. The point of this is so I don't feel watched by people I don't know. Thank you very much for replying <3. I do write..it's just in different fandoms and I'm not sure if I will be back to where we met.

But thank you very much. Keeping people like you on my list is exactly the reason I posted this before removing anyone from the list.
7th-Feb-2008 11:09 pm (UTC)
Completely off topic, but you need to be listening to Ruvie if you aren't already. And I need to get more of their music. Yes.
7th-Feb-2008 11:16 pm (UTC)
the_eigen_value is my writing journal. it never reads your entries anyway.

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